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Welcome to Federal High Court

There are various departments within the Federal High Court and in learning about the court processes, there is need to visit the litigation department to know the existing procedure therein:

This department is saddled with the responsibility of justice delivery processes to meet the demands of our ever changing developing society

This department comprises of the following units and is located on the third floor at the headquarter complex:

 Bail Unit

  • Perfection of bail
  • Verification of bail documents
  • Signing of recognizance form

Deputy Sheriff

  • The unit is the first point of call for lawyers
  • The unit accepts and initial processes for filling
  • The unit accepts all correspondence to the courts and sends them to the appropriate courts for filing and necessary action.
  • The unit is saddled with the execution of court orders and judgments.

Revenue /Cash Office

  • Generation of Remittal Retrieval Reference (RRR)
  • Payment to Single Treasury Account (TSA) using Point of Sale (POS) facility.
  • Stamping of documents to be filed
  • Balancing of Receipt Register and the Cash Book

Appeal Unit

  • Settlements of records
  • Compilation of records of appeal
  • Transmission of records of appeal
  • Certification
  • Assessment
  • Fixing of files
  • Collection of files
  • And any other duties assigned by the Deputy Chief Registrar (Lit).

Process Unit

  • Opening of case-files
  • Categorization of case files
  • Collection and conveying of case files to the Hon. Chief Judge for assignment to the various Courts.
  • Recording of assigned case files
  • Dispatching of assigned case files to the various courts
  • Keeping records of all cases in Federal the High Court
  • Archiving of case files.
  • Taking custody of the Archive

Commissioner for Oaths

  • To verify and commission all affidavit filed in the court’s registry
  • To attend to personal affidavit from the general public in government printed forms
  • To verify all court documents/processes upon application by the applicant in enrolled court order, ruling/judgment, court proceedings etc
  • Registration and dispatch of all court processes commissioned to the Process Section.


The process unit is located at the third floor of the court building.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8: a.m. to 4: p.m.

Payment is between 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Normal court sitting hours are from 9 a.m.

The offices are closed on public holidays.




The Administration Department is headed by a Deputy Chief Registrar who reports to the Chief Registrar.

The Department deals with Human Resources /Personnel matters ranging from staff employment, promotion and discipline, remuneration, health issues, welfare and retirement in accordance with established laws under the Federal Judicial Service Commission’s Regulations.

The Administration Department carries out other responsibilities as may be directed by the Honourable Chief Judge and Chief Registrar accordingly.

The department consists of thirteen (13) units as follows:

  1. Open Registry, Records ( 1 & 2), Promotion & Discipline, Staff Data/Nominal Roll, Pension & Gazette, National Housing Fund (NHF), National Health Insurance Scheme, Protocol, Security and Environment, Switch Board (Telephone), Works and Engineering and Medical Unit (The Clinic).



The Procurement Department is headed by a Deputy Director, Mrs. Yetunde Oluremi Osho. The department is in charge of procurement of goods and services in the court; and their operations are in line with the Procurement Act of 2007. The department is divided into two (2):-

  • Procurement of current items
  • Procurement of capital items

The Department is made up of the following sections:-

  1. Price Intelligence.
  2. Procurement Planning.
  • Contract Management.
  1. Store/Warehousing.
  2. Logistics

Stock Verification


The Finance and Accounts department is charged with the responsibilities of providing adequate Accounting Systems and controls for the court in adherence to relevant Financial regulations and circulars. The department is headed by Mr. Ibrahim Dankande FCNA, a Director. The department consists of the under- listed units which are headed by seasoned professional Accountants.

  • Central Pay Office
  • Salaries/Pay Roll
  • Final Accounts/Audit Query
  • Budget and Budget Implementation
  • Pension and Tax matters
  • Other Charges
  • Checking
  • Funds
  • Advances
  • National Housing Fund/Insurance
  • Revenue Cashier
  • Bank Reconciliation




The Federal High Court Library is as old as the Court. From a small beginning, it now occupies half of the first floor of the Federal High Court Headquarter complex in Abuja and the library has also grown in the various Divisions of the Court.

The Library Headquarter is headed by a Director, Mr. Samuel Ibrahim Pwasi who sees to the day to day management of the headquarters Library and all the 38 Divisional Libraries.  The main target of the Library either at the Headquarter or at the Division is to first and foremost satisfy the information needs of our Honourable Judges, Federal High Court staff and then give controlled services to Legal Practitioners and other information seekers.

The Headquarters Library is divided into two broad Sections:-


The first section which is generally referred to as Library One houses the Office of the Director of Library Services. It consists of the Library Data Bank, which runs Docuware platform and this platform helps the Librarians to collate; process and disseminate all the Judgments and Rulings of Federal High Court, since inception in 1973 to date.  These Judgments and Rulings are fully indexed and burnt into disc for easy access to the Judges.

Library one also houses the textbook collections, ICT Desk Officer’s table and Half of the virtual Library browsing Hall.


Library Two houses the office of the Chief Librarian and second half of the Browsing Hall of the virtual Library, where all the Local Law Reports are stocked.

In Library Two, we have the work room offices, where all Law reports and journals are catalogued and classified.

The desk officers for Newspaper clippings also are located here.  They are responsible for clipping news related to Federal High Court Rulings, Judgments and any other news about the Court and other news features and writings that affect the Judicial Arm of government generally i.e. news linking this Court to Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, National Judicial Council, National Judicial Institute, Federal Judicial Service Commission etc.

 The two Sections have Computers fully connected to the Internet.  The Library serves majorly the Honourable Judges and it offers controlled services to Lawyers and Litigants.


  1. REFERENCE SERVICES: Answers are provided for enquiries by consulting appropriate reference sources of information. Judges and Litigants are free to consult any reference materials for information they require.
  2. CURRENT AWARENESS SERVICES: This entails provision of current information materials on any subject of interest within our jurisdiction in law to our Judges and Litigants.
  3. SELECTIVE DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION: This Service involves searching for information and making the information available to the users. It may be in the form of current publications, Acts, Amended Constitution and current contents among others.
  4. INTERNET SERVICES: Internet access is provided in the Library. Computers with full internet connectivity and other services like printing and photocopying are provided.
  5. ELECTRONIC DATABASE: Library provides access to electronic database such as Legalpedia, Law Pavilion and data base that permit access to legal materials.
  6. PUBLICATION SERVICES: This involves publishing of Federal High Court Law Reports, Newsletters, Federal High Court Handbook, Rules/Practice Direction, Diaries and Calendars.



The Training Department was established sequel to the recommendations of the Training School Committee headed by Hon. Justice A. A. Kafarati as he then was.

 The Department came into being by virtue of the approval of the Committee’s recommendation on the 16th of December, 2016 by the then Head of Court, Hon. Justice I. N. Auta, OFR.

It is headed by E.C. Onyekwere Esq and as the name implies, the function of the Department is principally the training of staff in conjunction with the Training Committee.

It has Senior and Junior Staff training sections. 

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